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We charge a day rate, this includes:

Air conditioned/Heated kennels, with circulation fans and built in UV system to eliminate germs.

Outdoor walks and playtime - 4 to 6 times per day, we mix dogs depending on temperament or owners choice for these periods out in the large open run areas. We do not mix small and large dogs that are not from the same family.

Special feed and administration of medication.


We include food in our rates but generally advise owners to bring their own dogs food to avoid upset stomachs that can come with change of diet.

Our rates:


Dogs >30 Lbs - $36 for the first dog, $31 for second dog if sharing the same kennel.

Dogs <30 Lbs - $32 for the first dog, $27 for the second dog if sharing the same kennel.

Mixed sizes, we mix the rates - so dog >30 Lbs we would charge $36 for first dog and a second dog < 30 Lbs sharing same kennel would be $27 (lower rate of $32 for small dog, less $5 for sharing).

More than 2 dogs call us for rates.


$18 per day.

We do not have minimum stays over the holiday periods.

In addition our rates are year round, no uplift for peak periods/holidays. First come first served so be sure to book early for peak holiday periods.

Pickup before 2 PM on a weekday, no charge that day. Pickup Saturdays before 11AM no charge that day

Sundays pickup is 4-6 PM we do charge the day rate for Sundays. We do close for pickup on some public holidays so please check with us when booking. Pickup on public holidays that we are open are treated the same as Sundays - pickup 4-6 PM and you do pay for the day.

We reserve the right to charge 20% of the boarding fee for cancellations with less than one weeks notice, more details in FAQ section.